Vendor will receive an email reminder about class sessions below minimum class size. Vendor should log in between 21st to 25th to give permission to run classes that fall below min. Class size → decision cannot be reverted once it is made; 

To approve class:

  1. On the side bar, expand it by clicking  

  2. Click on Enrichment Programme

  3. Click on the Class Management segment

  4. Filter which centre and programme

  5. On the side, there is a checkbox, tick on the specific class to be continued and click Proceed Class

Principal will receive an email confirmation about this and SMS notification to parents informing them about continuation of class.

For classes not meeting minimum requirement by 25th but vendor has decided to run the class by 25th:

  • All parents who have registered by 25th to make payment on 26th

  • Registration period continues till last calendar day for any new registration and payment to be made