Staff can reschedule the class session based on different circumstances. 

To reschedule a class from Class Management overview:

  1. On the side bar, expand it by clicking  

  2. Click on Enrichment Programme

  3. Click on the Class Management segment

  4. On the Class Management Overview, choose and click a class from the Active tab

  5. Click Reschedule

  6. The page will be redirected to the Class Schedule page

  7. Choose which Session to reschedule

  8. Select New date and New Start Time

  9. Select a Reason for rescheduling

  10. Click Reschedule

  11. Parents to get deducted on the 21st until the last calendar day of the month with ALL sessions (including the rescheduled session).

An email notification will be sent out to the staff’s mailbox upon confirmation. At the same time, parents will receive an SMS notification as well confirming the rescheduling of class.