Staff can initiate a withdrawal on behalf of the parents. Unutilized sessions will be refunded to parents on the effective date of withdrawal.

To withdraw a child:

  1. On the side bar, expand it by clicking  

  2. Click on Enrichment Programme

  3. Click on the Class Management segment

  4. On the Class Management Overview, choose and click a class from the Active tab

  5. Click Class Enrollment tab

  6. List of students will be shown

  7. Choose the child to be withdrawn from the class

  8. A pop up window will appear

  9. Select Date of Withdrawal Initiation and Effective Date Of Withdrawal

  10. State the reason for withdrawal

  11. Refund to parents is compulsory; if parents will be refunded, approval from BD is needed

  12. Click Confirm

Once withdrawal is approved, parents will receive a refund (if ticked) and get an email notification. If withdrawal is declined, parents will get an email notification as well.