For Enrichment Programme, we have 4 main staff roles in the overall system.

Role Accounts

Access Rights and General Usage


Staff Portal

  • View, Create, Edit, Delete Enrichment programmes

  • View Class Management 

  • View/Edit Attendance

  • Approve/Decline Withdrawals

  • Initiate Refund requests 


Staff Portal

  • View Enrichment programmes

  • View, Create, Edit Delete Class Schedules

  • Initiate Withdrawal on behalf of parent

  • View/Edit Attendance

  • Initiate Refund requests 


Staff Portal

  • View children invoices

  • View refund documents

  • View vendor invoices

  • Upload/download file for bank transactions


Vendor Portal

  • Approve/Decline EP Schedule

  • Continue/Suspend EP Class

  • View Payment Status/Enrolled Children

  • Assign trainer


Parent Portal

  • View EP classes

  • Register child/place child to waitlist

  • Add payment details