To start accessing the portal, user needs to have proper access and user roles activated in the system.

Make sure that you have access in SkoolNet2 and if not, please contact your supervisor for guidance.

The supervisor can check this by doing the following:

  1. On your computer, open any browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari)

  2. Log in to using your login credentials

  3. Once logged in, expand the side bar and click Accounts & Settings

  4. Select Manage Users & Roles

  5. Click on Manage Users tab

  6. On the Search bar, search for the email address of the user

  7. If the user’s email is found, check the user role and change if necessary

  8. If not found, click on Create User and fill in the mandatory fields

Once created, the user can now login to with the corresponding access privilege depending on the user role assigned to them.

Login Platform


How to Login

Staff Portal

  • Super Admin (RO)

  • Principal

  • Centre Admin

  • Teacher

  • Finance

  • Misc Staff

  • Access using personal or school laptop/desktop device

  • Login with SSO using your staff credentials

Parent Portal

  • Parent

  • For new parents (whose children may/may not be enrolled into centre): login with the email address entered during submission of enquiry form